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A dynamic FastAPI router that automatically creates routes CRUD for your models

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Tired of rewriting the same generic CRUD routes? Need to rapidly prototype a feature for a presentation or a hackathon? Thankfully, fastapi-crudrouter has your back. As an extension to the APIRouter included with FastAPI, the FastAPI CRUDRouter will automatically generate and document your CRUD routes for you, all you have to do is pass your model and maybe your database connection.

FastAPI-CRUDRouter is also lightning fast, well tested, and production ready.


$ pip install fastapi-crudrouter

---> 100%

Basic Usage

Below is a simple example of what the CRUDRouter can do. In just ten lines of code, you can generate all the crud routes you need for any model. A full list of the routes generated can be found here.

from pydantic import BaseModel
from fastapi import FastAPI
from fastapi_crudrouter import MemoryCRUDRouter as CRUDRouter

class Potato(BaseModel):
    id: int
    color: str
    mass: float

app = FastAPI()

Advanced Usage

fastapi-crudrouter provides a number of features that allow you to get the most out of your automatically generated CRUD routes. Listed below are some highlights.

  • Automatic Pagination (docs)
  • Ability to Provide Custom Create and Update Schemas (docs)
  • Dynamic Generation of Create and Update Schemas (docs)
  • Ability to Add, Customize, or Disable Specific Routes (docs)
  • Native Support for FastAPI Dependencies Injection (docs)

Supported Backends / ORMs

fastapi-crudrouter supports a number of backends / ORMs. Listed below are the backends currently supported. This list will likely grow in future releases.

  • In Memory (docs)
  • SQLAlchemy (docs)
  • Databases (async) (docs)
  • Ormar (async) (docs)
  • Gino (async) (docs)
  • Tortoise ORM (async) (docs)

OpenAPI Support

Automatic OpenAPI Documentation

By default, all routes generated by the CRUDRouter will be documented according to OpenAPI spec.

Below are the default routes created by the CRUDRouter shown in the generated OpenAPI documentation.

OpenAPI Route Overview

The CRUDRouter is able to dynamically generate detailed documentation based on the models given to it.

OpenAPI Route Detail