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All the CRUDRouters included with fastapi_crudrouter support FastAPI dependency injection.


Since all CRUDRouter's subclass the FastAPI APIRouter, you can use any features APIRouter features.

Below is a simple example of how you could use OAuth2 in conjunction with a CRUDRouter to secure your routes.

from fastapi import FastAPI, Depends, HTTPException
from import OAuth2PasswordBearer
from fastapi_crudrouter import MemoryCRUDRouter

app = FastAPI()
oauth2_scheme = OAuth2PasswordBearer(tokenUrl="auth/token")

def token_auth(token: str=Depends(oauth2_scheme)):
    if not token:
        raise HTTPException(401, "Invalid token")

router = MemoryCRUDRouter(schema=MySchema, dependencies=[Depends(token_auth)])

Custom Dependencies Per Route

All CRUDRouters allow you to add a sequence of dependencies on a per-route basis. The dependencies can be set when initializing any CRUDRouter using the key word arguments below.

    # ...
    get_all_route=[Depends(get_all_route_dep), ...],
    get_one_route=[Depends(get_one_route_dep), ...],
    create_route=[Depends(create_route_dep), ...],
    update_route=[Depends(update_route_dep), ...],
    delete_one_route=[Depends(user), ...],
    delete_all_route=[Depends(user), ...],

Multiple Dependencies Per Route

As they are passed as a sequence, you are able to set multiple dependencies individually per route.

Disabling Routes Entirely

Setting the key word arguments shown above to False, disables the route entirely.


In the example below, we are adding a fictitious dependency to the "create route" (POST) which requires the user to be logged in to create an object. At the same time, we are also independently adding an admin dependency to only the "delete all route" which limits the route's usage to only admin users.